Java Heritage Hotel



Decorated with interior that borrows the decadent cigar lounge style from the bygone era topped by a maginficent pool-view, our Srikandi Lounge is the perfect place for R&R for the who’s of the who in town. Enjoy our selections of premium wine and alcoholic drinks and savor our exotic fusion snacks & meals while mingling with your family and friends, all accompanied by trendy music from smooth jazz to tropcial house.
Located on the same floor as the lobby, Pandu Gift Store sells a carefully curated products from traditional Banyumas clothing and fabric ‘Batik’, artworks, souvenirs as well as local confectionery and snacks. Apart from that, we also provide medications, toiletries and daily equipments to cater to the guests needs.
Offering an individual room equipped with essential working tools such as dekstop and printer, our Business Center is built to facilitate business travelers.
Abimanyu Kids Playground
Occupying a spacious room filled with various exciting toys from ball pool, slide to mini go cart and drawing table, Abimanyu Kids Playground is such an ideal place for kids who want to engage in a fun, indoor activity. Opening Hours: 09.00 am – 09.00 pm (daily).
Nakula Pool
Built with the idea of creating the biggest and best hotel’s pool in Central Java, our 96 metre-wide Nakula pool is a feast. With its circular, dynamic shape that combines adult and kids pool, surrounded by swaying palm trees, wooden pool cafe, manicured garden including all-plants maze as well as room cottages, our Nakula pool is simply the ultimate place to relax on a hot summer day. Dip in our crystal-clear water to freshen up or relax on our comfortable loungers to enjoy the breeze. Tips: Ask for our floaties to get your instagramable shots. Opening Hours: 06.00 am – 06.00.
Sadewa Pool Cafe
Located right in the far center of the pool area, our Pool Cafeb beckons with its distinctive shape. Made with stacks of wood arranged in sporadic manner filled with outdoor couches as well as dining chairs and tables as well as pool bar, our Pool Cafe is one of our favourite chill spots. Savour our traditional elevated Indonesian food cooked with French techinque as well as various refreshing mouth-watering drinks and desserts including our renowned, soft-served ice creams. Opening Hours: 06.00 a.m – 9.00 p.m (daily).
Bima Health Club
Bringing an all-around workout facility concept from fitness centre to class studio and sauna, our Bima Health Club is the best option to keep your lifestyle healthy. Work on our complete range of fitness equipments or trying our spinning bicycle on a class studio or simply do your daily stretches. Complete your exercise with a short visit at our sauna. Opening Hours: 06.00 am – 09.00 pm (daily).
Sauna Facility
Located inside locker rooms within the same area as Bima Fitness Centre, our Sauna Facility provides an outlet for relaxation after a hectic, tiring day at work. Immerse in the sensation of having the heat all over your body whilst letting the excessive calories shed. Opening Hours: 06.00 a.m – 09.00 p.m (daily).
Ambalika Restaurant
Designed in a luxe modern-classic indochine setting with a separate buffet area with capacity until 100 pax, our famed Ambalika Restaurant serves a wide array of cuisines from Chinese to Western to Traditional Indonesian, our main restaurant offers a special gastronomical experience with a luxe modern-classic Indochine setting and second-to-none service. Enjoy our all-time favourite Chinese dishes or try our innovative fusion menu and simply indulge in our delicious dessert. Opening Hours: 05.30 a.m – 10.00 p.m.
Ambalika Rooftop Bar
Decked in chic modern-classic interior style with a touch of rustic element that overlooks Slamet Mountain, our 5 Bar rooftop bar is without a doubt, the most fabulous bar in town. Featuring indoor and outdoor area, stage, bar and a sprawling synthetic grass field, our bar serve a premium range of food and beverage menu from steak to wine to 2 degrees celsius Draught Beer. Enjoy our Chill and Fun program with exciting tunes and beverage every Wedneseday, Friday and Saturday evening from 08.00pm – 01.00 am.
Yudhistira Room
Located on the 1st floor of a separate building from our main edifice, our Yudhistira Room offers a medium-sized venue that could accomodate up to 350 person. With an simple, modern, all-white interior that emphasizes on elegance, and not to mention, a high level of accessability, our Yudhistira Room is the ideal venue for intimate wedding or mid-scale gathering.
Arjuna Room
Located at the 2nd floor of a separate building from our main edifice, our Arjuna Room is comprised of 9 individual rooms in which 7 of them could converted into 1 large room that could accomodate up to 200 person. With sleek, modern design that empasizes on functionality, our Arjuna Room is the perfect venue for corporate meeting and gathering.
Krisna Ballroom
Located on the 3rd floor of a separate building from our main edifice, our 800 m2 Krisna Ballroom boasts a large-sized venue that’s outfitted with sumptuous interior that blends modern and classic Javanese design complete with lift and two transit rooms. With a bevy of our professional kitchen and banquette team who have had the expertise of creating the most extraordinary food & beverage, and not to mention, presenting them in the most elegant manner, we will grant you the most unforgettable wedding experience that you had ever dreamed of.
Hastinapura Convention Center (HCC)
Built as a separate entity from both our main and meeting building our largest 1456 m2 building is a a luxe, modern-minimalist rmultifunctional room that showcases hig accessability as it is located on the ground level which could be accessed directly from the parking area. With a bevy of our professional kitchen and banquette team who have had the expertise of creating the most extraordinary food & beverage, presenting them in the most elegant manner, and simply the ultimate venue for you glorious wedding.